namennennen gets to know Berlin through her Berliners, a kaleidoscope of personality and origin.

The origin of how a city is named isn’t difficult to find, but how Berlin came to be called Berlin is thinly traced back to an extinct Polabian word named berl-/ birl-, meaning swamp. A dull definition to the vibrant, multicultural city we see today.

namennennen explores Berlin’s identity by the names and personalities populating its soil.

It isn’t a namesake, a famous person, nor a throwback to some historical victory.

The name of Berlin has no particular meaning, but throughout its lifespan, it’s picked up some nicknames: Cölln, Berolina, the Silicon Valley of Europe, the Berlin Bear….etc. Namennennen goes beyond the introduction by exploring the name of Berlin through her Berliners––a kaleidoscope of personality, association, and origin.


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